Angelo muziejus

Viešoji įstaiga

LT RU EN Angel’s museum

                                                    was opened in September 6, 2014 for Šiauliai inhabitants and its guests. Non – governmental museum exhibits  a collection of angels which has been gathered by  Rytis Milkintas for more than ten years.

It all began in childhood when Rytis got a porcelain  made angel from his grandfather – now it lost its wing but takes a respectful place in one of exhibition shelves. In the meantime, museum‘s exposition consists of over than 500 angel sculptures from 29 different countries: gifted, bought, brought like souvenirs. They are made of clay, glass, porcelain, metal, rock, wood, straws. Visitors can also see angel dolls. A part of exhibits count many decades. Exposition is proud to have creations of longstanding masters as well as famous Lithuanian artists : L. Strioga, M. Gaubas, A. Teresius, A. Vagnorius, R. Pilibavičius, R. Alkevičienė, A. Pukėnienė, R. Dukavičius, K. Samalionis, G. Butkevičienė, O. Žindulienė, S. Špukas, R. Baškys, V. Onaitis. In the museum‘s exposition you can also see wood sculptures carved by its establisher and youngest Lithuanian folk artists‘ society member Rytis Milkintas.

          Art creations lays a path for you to feel a true connection with real angels. Moreover, not only you are free to see them but also you can touch them.

        Seekers of goodness, beauty, tranquility are welcome to visit the Angels museum.